Sickness in Body, Mind and Soul


Body: when body gets sick, then nobody cannot be in peace. Although,if this guy is put in any corner of the world,with luxury and comfort, even he will get no ease. Doctor if does n,t recognize his sickness of fever,heart, tb ,cholera, cancer.How Doctor will prescribe medicine accordingly.Thus sickness would not be removed.

Ruh(soul): It is the king of the body. Sickness like Shirk, Kufr,Jealousy,pride,enmity ,malacy etc.

No one gives real food to soul. Food is invitation or calling others towards the Kalimah; La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulallah,effort of deen, prayers,services to mankind, doas etc.

If any one even die for the cause of the above mentioned diseases(sicknesses), he would be excused or be forgiven,even received high status in the akhirah.
on the other hand, if anybody die with severe sickness of ruh or soul without kalimah, he never be excused rather would be punished definitely.

To bring the high level of imaan,yaqueen and ikhlas through effort of deen as shown by prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw).ALLAH (SWT) SENT Him in THIS world as a RAHMATULLIL ALAMIN AND ALSO AS A RUHANI DOCTOR. so through his noorani guidance, one can correct his imaan, yaqueen and amaal.

Mind: Thought of mind should be corrected called intention. Both from shaitan and angels waswasa come to you every moment; so, you have to understand the right one which from either from Allah(swt)
or angel and then do the amaal.

Short Note: Meaning

Imaan: To belief of one Allah and the way shown by Hazrat Muhammad(saw)

Yaqueen: Firm conviction upon Allah

Kufr: The condition not to belief of one Allah(swt)

Amaal: Act or action


Waswasa: Something comes to one,s mind

Doas: Supplications

Deen: Islam

Ikhlas: Purity/Sincererity

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