Muslim Girl Names Starting with "W"

# Name Meaning
1 Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved
2 Wabisa Something Bright
3 Wafaa The faithful, loyal
4 Wafeeqah Successful
5 Wafiqah Successful
6 Wafiyah Loyal, faithful
7 Wafiza Fresh air
8 Wagma Morning breeze, dew
9 Wahabah This was the name of a poetess
10 Wahibah Giver, donor
11 Wahida Unique
12 Wahidah Exclusive, unique
13 Wahuj First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning
14 Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity
15 Wajihah Eminent, distinguished
16 Wakeelah Agent
17 Walihah This was the name of a poetess
18 Waliyah Princess
19 Wania Gift of Allah (swt)
20 Waniya Pearl
21 Warda Guardian, Protector
22 Wardah Rose
23 Wareesha Happiness
24 Warizah Happiness, bubbly
25 Warsan True news, wonderful news
26 Waseefah Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting
27 Waseemah Comely
28 Washma Pretty. greatful, goodwish
29 Wasifah One who describes
30 Wasilah Inseparable friend
31 Wasimah Graceful, pretty
32 Wasna A narrator of Hadith had this name
33 Watiaa Beautiful
34 Wazeera Female Minister;
35 Widad Love, friendship
36 Wijdan Sentiment
37 Wisal Communion in love
38 Wiyyam Truthful, loving


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